OctamarTM can help your fleet achieved up to 3.9% fuel economy improvement

Our products combine a powerful combustion catalyst with a fuel stabiliser/dispersant to create better fuel atomisation and injector spray pattern. They improve Fuel Economy (SFOC) and significantly reduce unburnt fuel and deposits in the exhaust system. 

The performance of our Octamar™ range of combustion catalysts, which includes Octamar™ Ultra HF, Octamar™ Complete, and Octamar™ F35C, has been recognized by the leading ship classification society ClassNK. The range has been awarded an Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions. 

ClassNK verified that Octamar™ cuts down on piston fouling, improves the cleanliness condition and efficiency of the turbocharger and economiser and reduces unburned carbon deposits in the exhaust system. Particulate Matter, a key driver in post-combustion deposits, black smoke, carbon and other harmful substances is significantly reduced. Improving fuel economy also reduces CO2 emissions.

In eight separate field trials, Octamar™ combustion catalysts achieved up to 3.9% fuel economy improvement and a 60% reduction in Particulate Matter (PM).

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