Class NK endorsement proves how OctamarTM can help your fleet

CII regulation ratings are coming into force and have already been implemented. Regulating the operational carbon intensity (the carbon emissions per unit of operating milage in a year) of all vessels above 5,000GT. Every year vessels will be given a CII rating showing their performance across the last year. The five categories represent different performance levels: A – major superior, B – minor superior, C- moderate, D – minor inferior and E – inferior. These thresholds will become stricter towards 2030 and the required compliance rating will increase accordingly. 

Octamar™ Ultra HF and Octamar™ Complete are Innospec’s answer to these increasing CII requirements. Our products combine a powerful combustion catalyst with a fuel stabiliser/dispersant to create better fuel atomisation and injector spray pattern. They improve Fuel Economy (SFOC) and significantly reduce unburnt fuel and deposits in the exhaust system. These deposits include soot, PAH, post combustion fouling, black smoke and black carbon – all which significantly harm the environment and impact CII ratings. 

The performance of our Octamar™ range of combustion catalysts, which includes Octamar™ Ultra HF, Octamar™ Complete, and Octamar™ F35C, has been recognized by the leading ship classification society ClassNK. The range has been awarded an Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions. In eight separate field trials, Octamar™ combustion catalysts achieved up to 3.9% fuel economy improvement and a 60% reduction in Particulate Matter (PM).

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