Innovative Octamar™ technology receives industry first endorsement from ClassNK


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Using Biofuels onboard at sea can be challenging

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Improving fleet performance

Innospec is the world's largest supplier of marine fuel additives. Our focus is on improving fleet performance whatever type of residual fuel is being used. Through continual innovation we strive to improve operational efficiency and reduce fleet costs. The benefits of a stable fuel with a better combustion profile and combustion efficiency are proven to impact fuel economy directly. Perhaps more importantly, efficient combustion reduces the emissions of substances harmful to human health and the environment.

ClassNK Innovation Endorsement

The performance of our Octamar™ range of combustion catalysts, which includes Octamar™ Ultra HF, Octamar™ Complete, and Octamar™ F35C, has been recognized by the leading ship classification society ClassNK. The range has been awarded an Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions.

Providing practical solutions

After decades of fleet trials, test bed data and laboratory analysis, it is clear the potential benefits of this technology extend beyond fuel economy. Octamar™ not only optimises engine reliability and boosts engine performance, but it also reduces maintenance requirements and harmful emissions.

ClassNK reviewed the specification and the documents that contain Octamar™ cuts down on piston fouling, improves the cleanliness condition and efficiency of the turbocharger and economiser and reduces unburned carbon deposits in the exhaust system. Particulate Matter, a key driver in post-combustion deposits, black smoke, carbon and other harmful substances is significantly reduced. Improving fuel economy also reduces CO2 emissions.

Biofuel Future?

Biofuels are being considered as possible replacements for today's marine fuels, particularly in older fleets. FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Esters) Biodiesel, derived from renewable sources, is seen as a potential 'drop in' solution. However, like VLSFO, these fuels present their own set of challenges in a marine environment. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of biofuel treatment, gained over many years, we ensured our Octamar™ products were developed from the outset to be 'biofuel ready'.

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VLSFO problem distribution

VLSFO problem distribution

Examples of VLSFO problems

Engine Damage

  • Liner wear
  • Piston ring breakage
  • Scavenge fire
  • Injector failure


  • Purifier breakdown
  • Separation failure
  • Filter blocking
  • Fuel starvation


  • Un-pumpable tanks
  • Excessive sludge
  • Wax formation
  • Co-mingling

Marine Fuel Industry Groups Product Verification

Innospec works with industry groups to verify and independently test the range of products.

ISO for the development of the Classification & Specification of Marine Fuels. ISO8216 and ISO8217.

International Council of Combustion Engines (CIMAC) working group 7 (Fuels).

Lloyds Register, have independently verified the claims associated with Innospec products under rigorous conditions, providing assurance that the product performs.

Class NK verified that Octamar™ products leading to the issuance of an Innovation Endorsement certificate 2022.

Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) marine fuel committee - world largest bunkering port.

Not all VLSFO is the same

There are vast differences in VLSFO on the market and the quality varies from port to port and batch to batch. Although these fuels are all classified under the same specification, they cannot be stored, handled or heated in the same way.

There are:

  • Vast differences in fuel composition purchased under the same ISO category.
  • The traditional test methods have proven to be poor predictors of stability in VLSFO.

Total engine failure

These images show just what can happen. This VLSFO was supplied well within ISO 8217 specification.

It was loaded into completely clean tanks and fuel system, yet failed within four hours. Total engine failure soon followed. This case is not a one-off. There have been a number of reports of fuel system failure and engine damage when using ‘on spec’ fuels.

Outstanding results

In the last year, both in the laboratory and in the field, we’ve seen outstanding results with Innospec’s Octamar™ range of products. Examples include:

In the laboratory

Laboratory images show two fuels, one low and one high, that have been heated to 100°C for 24 Hours. The liquid was then removed and here you can see the sedimentation, aged paraffinic and residual content. Once treated the same fuels are able to withstand stress and remain homogenous.

In the field

In the field we have helped hundreds of customers treat fuels to optimise the conditions onboard. Less, sludge, means less wasted fuel, less unplanned maintenance and defects, and better conditions for the crew.

Innospec offers a unique and cost-effective solution

By pre-treating VLSFO you can solve the problem of fuel instability and tank mix incompatibility. Innospec's Octamar™ range are the only additives that protect against both distillate sludge and asphaltene sludge.

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